Just Shea is a social business created to increase the leverage, income and safety of the 600,000 women In Ghana who participate in the global shea trade. All of our net profits are channeled through our non-profit (www.ovp-wdi.org) to provide snake bite protection, improved equipment and Infrastructure, and, in turn, increased economic return, for the women who harvest and process Just Shea.
The Company

Gordon Adobe, Ghanaian Cultural Ambassador
James Amaglio, Head Agronomist
Julio Bastardo, Chemistry and Product Development
Rachel Bonham-Carter, Press and Media
Wickham Boyle, Vice President
Dr. Allen W. Flores, Supply and Value Chains
Mohammed Ibrahim, Ghanaian Shea Market Liaison
Gregory Kozatek, Design
Fatimah Zubair, Just Shea Program Director
Richard Stein, Public Relations
Danielle Grace Warren, Founder and President
Jennifer Whitney, Design

One Village Planet-Women’s Development Initiative is committed to improving the health, safety, and economy of rural women in the developing world through better working conditions, sustainable agriculture, and improved market strategy. Our replicable, scalable, village-up approach is centered on the belief that solutions to the problems of access must be self-sustaining in order to succeed. And we believe that increasing the income generating capacity for impoverished rural women is the most direct way to improve their lives, and those of their children, families and communities.

Targeting groups of rural women in our current focus areas of Haiti and Ghana, One Village Planet-Women’s Development Initiative provides assistance with collective leverage, land access and agricultural inputs, better infrastructure, tools and safety gear, and improved market position.